Spiritual Leadership and Happiness

This wisdom for Business Spirituality is a practical step-by-step guide to communicating with and motivating people. It is based on the money-making action on the level of doing, self-mastery for happiness on the level of being and relation skills for health to train and motivate people. It can be applied to any business, service or endeavor that depends on more than one person to accomplish a goal, and can be implemented by everyone who dare.

Perhaps you have heard about Alpha management style – the one based on the masculine, authoritative use of power. Perhaps you have also heard about the Beta management style – the one based on the feminine, cooperative use of power. The Business Spirituality will introduce you in what we call the Omega management style – the style which incorporates and enhances them both.

Laurie Beth Jones, a business woman explained that she had both witnessed and experienced. “As I started my own advertising agency and began to encounter businesses on many different levels, I was dismayed to find countless “homeless” people in corporations. I too often saw invaluable human energy and intelligence untapped and underutilized. I saw multiple examples of corporate abuse, neglect and violence. I decided to help turn the tide and to empower people in all layers of doing business to review the excellence in themselves and in those they service”.