While several people use their garage to home their cars, but what about if you don’t have a car? There’re many people to store infrequently things in a garage as well, there’re many other ways you might wish to consider using the garage space. If you do not have a car and plenty of space in the attic, consider using your garage space in one of these other ways instead.

5 Best Uses for your Garage if you don’t have a car

Craft Room

If you have to wonder where to keep entire craft projects or seeking space to spread out while making them fun, consider utilizing your garage space. There’re plenty of different storage systems that can help you organize and store your amazing crafting supplies, from slat boards and bins to overhead storage systems big items. Consider putting down an epoxy touch on the floor to keep in simply to clean. Put in a huge work table, also many different types of task lighting. Cover the walls in big sheets of crock so you can pin some ideas and materials straightly to them for inspiration or to see work in progress.


If your garage space is attached to, or close to the home and has to no present living space above it, consider adding on over and turning your space into a bedroom suite. By building up you can gain much additional square footage in your house, without sacrificing the space below. By adding a bedroom you do not have to worry about running pipes, just electricity. This also does not change the footprint of your home, which can be a problem with some planning boards.

Hang-Out Room

Got a teenager? Consider turning your garage space into space where they can hang out. Entire you need is a sofa from them to lounge and mini-fridge for snacks and possibly a Television. Then you can let them do whatever they do without continually telling them to keep in down.

Play Space

If you wish a space where your children can play and make noise without any disturbing the rest of the household, or making a mess you worry might leave a stain to send them to the garage space. To make a fun play for your children, consider using some of these ideas:

  • Cover the floors with carpet tiles – these are simply to change out if one becomes stained or damaged
  • Ensure the walls and doors are insulated to help keep a comfortable temperature
  • Pain walls and ceiling in a bright light shade
  • Use slat boards son the garage walls to hang easels, bins, and chalkboards
  • Use chalkboard and paint board on a section of a wall of let children draw right on it

Yoga Studio

You already have a flat floor, so with small wood or laminate flooring, you can have yourself a yoga studio. Add some big mirrors on the wall and might be even a sunroof to create your sun Salutations even brighter.

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